How soon is now?

I’ve had a few false starts when it comes to blogging.

I dabbled a few years ago, wrote a few guest posts recently and got more excited about the idea. I set these pages up in August, all ready to go – and then got cold feet again.

So why now? Why right now? Partly to avoid accusations (directed at me, by me) of New-Year-resolution faddiness. Partly because it really is high time that I practise what I preach. I’m forever banging the drum for blogging at work, talking about how our execs should take it up, but that sounds a bit hollow if I’m not doing it myself.

Partly it’s because I want a richer way to share what’s keeping me awake at night, getting me out of bed each morning or just getting my goat. Most posts will be about work and my profession (spoiler alert: it’s a personal blog, not a Coca-Cola blog, so don’t expect too many specifics and remember that it’s my opinion, no-one else’s), but not always.

But it’s mostly because I’ve forgotten how much I love writing, and how I need to do more of it. I read some wise words a while ago – they said blogs are for you, and if anyone else reads them it’s a bonus.

That’s a perfect mantra and it’s what’s really kicked me into action. So if you’ve taken the time to read this and other posts, welcome – and thank you for stopping by. I’ll try not to disappoint.

Now, let’s see how long this lasts.


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